ISO 9001 Certification and Schadenfreude

ISO 9001 Certification and Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude is a German word which means pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. I don’t think there is an equivalent in English, which is a shame because, for the more mean spirited of us, it is a wonderful thing.

Some recent examples which have given me a wry smile:

  • The guy in the Mercedes Benz who was too important to sit in a traffic queue in Fulham like the rest of us and drove up the bus lane only to be met by a motorcycle policeman.
  • Rafa Benitez being sacked by Real Madrid after the misery he caused to me and my fellow, “plastic flag” waving Chelsea Football Club fans while he was in charge at Stamford Bridge.
  • Lance Armstrong (still).
  • After years of bizarre hand signals to the Prime Minister in PMQs, the wave goodbye to Ed Balls when he lost his seat at the last general election. (You can substitute Michael Portillo if I have offended your political sensibilities!)
  • The super-cocky bloke on the Apprentice who was interviewed and forced to agree that his business case was rubbish.
  • One you may have missed – The French budget minister who was appointed to tackle tax evasion and, yes you guessed it, has been caught evading tax!

I mention all this because The Orange Partnership was recently audited by the British Standards Institution. We were given quite a hard time by the auditor who asked some very probing questions and was only satisfied when he had seen the appropriate evidence. For all those contractors we have audited down the years, I am sure this would be a moment to enjoy a touch of Schadenfreude.

It was all worth it though as we are now accredited under ISO 9001 for, “The provision of audit and assurance activities on major capital and operational contracts”.