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Cost Effective Assurance Webinar in collaboration with NEC Contracts


We had a great response to our webinar last week (4.11.16) in collaboration with NEC Contracts on Cost Effective Assurance. Over 1,000 people registered  and there were lots of questions and engagement on the day.  The feedback we have received subsequently has been very positive.

The NEC has posted the webinar on YouTube CLICK HERE TO VIEW but the quality isn’t that great.

If you would like a copy of the slides and the notes which accompanied them, please let us know mailto:katewalker@theorangepartnership.co.uk and we will send them to you.


Webinar Overview

The role of cost assurance is to provide all parties to a contract or programme with enhanced confidence that their objectives will be met. It provides a basis to support the concept of “mutual trust and cooperation”.

This session considers what constitutes effective cost assurance and how it can be delivered to enhance mutual trust and cooperation. The areas covered by the session will be addressed to a number of NEC contract forms.

By watching this webinar you’ll learn

  • The objective of cost assurance activities (and what it is not intended to achieve, such as,“savings”), for example   providing assurance that costs under an Option C contract are charged in line with the Schedule of Cost Components
  • The factors required to deliver effective cost assurance, for example a common understanding of any Z clause   amendments
  • The risks of weak cost assurance (particularly to mutual trust and collaboration)
  • How cost assurance can be delivered in a cost effective way by avoiding wasted and duplicated effort and being   flexible
  • Common cost assurance findings: risks which are seldom managed well  on NEC Contracts


Robert Gerrard, NEC Users’ Group Secretary

Phil Joyce, Director and Co-Founder of The Orange Partnership