Raheem Sterling: should he go or should he stay? An auditor’s opinion

A worried man?

Excitement levels are riding high in England, following two convincing performances in the opening games of World Cup 2018.

With England and Belgium tied at the top of Group G, Thursday’s game is a bit of a head scratcher:

  • Do we go all out to win the game and have the bragging rights of being top of the group with 9 points out of 9?
  • Should we rest potential golden boot winner Harry Kane and give Steptoe Vardy a run out?
  • Do we do a Belgium and change 10 players to give all the squad match time?

Big questions for sure, but nothing can be bigger than the Sterling debate? Not their best song, but as The Clash once sang “Should he stay or should he go?”.

An evidence based opinion

It’s a very similar situation to what we get asked at The Orange Partnership, “Are costs right or wrong?” 

In both scenarios it’s really important that you look at the evidence before you give an opinion.

Evidence comes in many forms and the weakest is usually verbal (especially if gathered from an uninformed source), through shared records and finally down to hard facts you have gone and extracted yourself. The better the evidence, the more robust your conclusion.

Verbal rants

A bloke down my local pub on Sunday (and last Monday) went into a four letter rant about young Raheem. His opinion was let’s say quite negative.

More informed sources have come to his defence. His teammate Yaya Toure said, and I quote “He can be one of the greatest”.

Two real extremes there! Man down pub is ill informed perhaps and Yaya Toure is perhaps biased towards his old playing colleague.

I prefer the quote from a man who has been there and done if for England, Alan Shearer and no I’m not a Newcastle fan. He said yesterday, that he needed to start to perform as “Rashford is breathing down his neck!”.

Hard facts

Numbers, facts, stats interest me. Evidence here may steer our view.

  • In the 2017/18 season, Raheem played 46 matches for Man City and scored 23 goals.
  • For you non-accountants out there, that is a goal in every two games. Pretty impressive.
  • His England career though is less impressive.
  • He’s played 40 times for England and scored 2 goals. And his last England goal was in 2015.

Not really cutting it…….

Then again can I rely on these stats. Where did I get them from?

Wikepedia. Must be right then surely?  Perhaps I’ll go and double check my source of information?


The audit evidence says go! Bring in Rashford.

The auditor says he’s should never have been on the plane in the first place.

It’s not too late to get Danny Hylton off his sun bed is it????