Investing in capital projects and major works schemes presents new challenges and opportunities for NHS Foundation Trusts.

Contractor’s income and profitability can sometimes be eroded by cut-throat competition. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the margins they make on existing projects. They seek to exploit what they see as opportunities and are adept at charging amounts which give rise to hidden profits.

The Procure 21 contract is an excellent basis for a partnership relationship. The structure of the pain/gain mechanism it contains, however may motivate contractors to overstate actual costs in a way they would not seek to do under a standard, NEC Option C form of contract.

Inevitably these factors mean potentially higher costs for NHS Foundation Trusts.

The financial management of major capital projects and construction programmes requires a new set of skills. And that’s where we can help.

Our unique forensic accounting skills, combined with in-depth knowledge of commercial practices, allow us to know where charges incurred are fair, or where sharp practice may exist. You can rest assured you are paying the right amount for your capital projects.

In addition we can provide:

  • Transparency of your contractor’s costs
  • Comfort that changes instigated by your contractors are in line with the contract
  • Assurance that changes you have instructed are being fairly charged

And whatever the stage of the major capital works projects are at, we can help.

We work on a short-term project basis to provide forensic accounting support to show you where potential cost reduction can achieved, returning budgets you can spend elsewhere.

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