Cost Assurance

cost_assuranceOnce major construction projects are underway it can be hard to monitor charges due to the sheer scale of data which supports actual and target cost contracts. The cumulative effects of overcharges resulting in cost overruns is not uncommon.

Our expert forensic accounting skills combined with our unique method of data analysis enables us to identify areas of concern faster and more effectively than any other company.

This expert knowledge comes from extensive experience auditing billions of pounds of project costs.

We have in-depth insights into construction industry practices; construction law and their common abuses. The smallest inconsistencies will alert our teams to identify and explain such anomalies.

Yet our pragmatic, risk based approach ensures we only concentrate on the things that really count – saving you time and money.

Benefits of our service:

  • We are experts in providing cost verification audit on major capital programmes – so you can be confident in our opinions
  • We have experienced, qualified, independent teams who are expert at working collaboratively with clients’ valued supply chain
  • Our robust methodology enables us to identify areas of concern quickly – saving you time and money
  • We provide you with a detailed understanding of defined costs which enables continuous improvement and cost reduction efforts to be targeted at those areas where they will have most effect

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